Hiking Around Lake George

On July 12th, 2017  /  Lake George News

Our List of Top Hiking Trails in Lake George

Sometimes the best views aren’t on the lake, but above it.

Love feeling like you’re on top of the world? There are many hiking trails in Lake George that allow users to catch a glimpse of how truly massive and beautiful Lake George is. Most trails are open year-round and allow dogs, but be sure to double check before making the trip.

1. Cook Mountain Preserve is a lovely 2.9-mile looped trail near Ticonderoga that gives hikers a taste of the Adirondacks. Feel free to bring your furry four-legged friend, just be sure to keep them leashed! For history enthusiasts, there is a new blue trail that takes you to a cemetery that dates back to the Civil War.

2. Just about directly across the lake from us is the Last Great Shoreline. This preserve is located in Putnam and is comprised of 351 acres’ total. The Last Great Shoreline Preserve protects roughly 1,925 feet of Lake George’s shoreline and is the most undeveloped area on the eastern shore of Lake George. There are three established trails here you can choose from, totaling 3-miles in length and containing two scenic viewpoints. The best part about this trail? There is a dock for boats, and kayaks and canoes are welcome on the shore as well!

3. For those that simply wish to enjoy a relaxing walk, visit Peggy’s Point. There is 315 feet of shoreline for fishing and resting, plenty of lawn for playing and picnicking, and space to walk your dog. Pay a visit to Mary Lou’s Friendship Garden and, if you wish, add a plant in honor of a loved one. Be sure to contact Lake George Land Conservancy before planting, and they’ll help you pick out the perfect shrub.

Swimming is not permitted at Peggy’s Point, so if that’s what you’re looking to do, visit the nearby Robert E Henry Memorial Park (also called Hague Town Beach Park) just down the road from our boat rentals.

4. Gull Bay Preserve is another great hike and an amazing location to view all kinds of Adirondack wildlife. Situated on 434 acres of woodland, Gull Bay consists of old logging roads and two wetland swamps where significant numbers of waterfowl rest before their journey south for the winter. Following the blue trail, you will trek for less than half a mile before viewing an overlook that peeks out to the South over Lake George. Bring food and enjoy lunch with a spectacular view. There are two other trails weaving around ponds and tree-laden forests, both great for observing wildlife.

Tips before you hit the trails

When enjoying these trails, be sure to show up prepared: check weather before heading out, bring water, food and a first aid kit, and wear proper attire. Some of the trails have rocky, steep sections so proceed with caution. The view of the lake can be completely intoxicating – make sure you continue to watch where you are going! There are many other trails in the area where you can take in the wildlife and overlooks. Happy exploring!

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