Lake George Boating Tips

On May 1st, 2017  /  Lake George News, Marina News

Here at Dockside Landing Marina, we offer boat rentals on the most beautiful section of Lake George. You can rent several different types of boats and watercraft to enjoy out on the lake. To ensure that you have the most fun out on Lake George, we recommend that you come prepared. Please feel free to read through some of our recommendations and Lake George Boating Tips.

Start with the basics.

Safety first! Always make sure there is safety equipment on board, including a first-aid kit. Also, ensure there are enough life jackets for every person onboard. Toiletries and hand sanitizer are a must (you can thank us later!). Extra sunscreen is ideal as well; although the sunshine is warming and relaxing it can be incredibly brutal – lather up! Sunglasses are also a good idea so you can take in the incredible scenery. It’s vital to be prepared for any situation, so bring a jacket or blanket too. And although you’ll be surrounded by it, bring plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Remember to bring a trash bag. This seems to be something that slips many people’s minds. It’s understandable to overlook something so simple when you’re eager to spend a fun day on the water! Lake George is a gorgeous body of water to spend your summer days on – we’d like to keep it that way. Please take out what you bring in.

As for the fun part!

Bring your Go Pros, your cameras, and binoculars to view the gorgeous 32-mile lake! Take photos of the vast wildlife and of yourself enjoying a stunning, sunny day on Lake George. Take a cooler to store food and beverages to hold you over until you dock and enjoy one of the several great restaurants in the area. Bring salty snacks, pre-cut fruits and vegetables, and chips and dip. Don’t be afraid to bring your tunes with you as well – what goes better with a day on the lake than some of your favorite music? Don’t forget a dry bag to keep electronics and other valuables from getting soaked. Remember towels for yourself to dry off after jumping in! Extra clothes are never a bad idea either to avoid uncomfortable rides home in wet clothing. If you enjoy games, bring a card game to play with family and friends! We also rent out water sports equipment such as tubes and wakeboards. If you’re a thrill seeker looking for something more exciting to do, we’ve got you covered!

How do you like to spend your time on the lake?

Whether it’s laying in the sun and reading a book or splashing in the water, we want you to enjoy your day to the fullest. Apply your sunscreen 30 minutes to an hour before you plan on getting in the sun. Reapply throughout the day if you’re taking a lengthy trip. Watch out for and respect other people enjoying the water, and please use trash bags for garbage to keep the water clean. When empty, throw your bottles and cans right back into your cooler for later recycling. Feel free to visit our convenience store for any last-minute essentials. Most of all, have fun on your adventure and contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

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